Re-imagining Software Solutions

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How we can help you to re-imagine your business products and services?

Re-imagine your products and services with our innovative software and development products and services.

Cloud Based Solutions

Bring innovative solutions to your products and services through re-imagining you cloud platform. Secure protection to monitor access to data. Tools to monitor bring-your-own-device and locking out data access. Improved tools preventing data theft inside and outside your company, from wherever you’re working, whenever you need to. All providing enhanced threat intelligence and protection for your business and personnel.

Patent Licensing

M4siz has nearly 25 years of experience in re-imagining business products and innovative solutions. Its patented search procedures are now licensed to over 300 clients worldwide and counting. These clients see value in our innovation even with combined revenues of 1Trillon Dollars
We are currently developing the next generation of digital search tools to help corporate our clients.
Get going with M4siz today to help you build your client digital experience and value to your business.

Image Analysis Solutions

M4siz has brought together a specialized group of image analysis specialists to apply its skills to developing the technology and performance you require for detecting a range of materials and products. This technology has a wide range of applications and M4siz can provide bespoke product development and software solutions or enhance the precision of existing products to protect the reputation and brand value of your business.

Web & App Services and Support solutions

A host of web services and maintenance products that scale with your business. We will even give you an introductory discount for the first year of a multi-annual plan.
M4siz offers a range of traditional web hosting services for start-up or low intensity users to high volume users with a range of Virtual Machines solutions tailored to your business needs.
If you prefer other solutions then we can discuss options during Discovery.

Re-imagining software solutions

M4siz have nearly 25 years of experience in re-imagining software and design services to support your business goals.
All our projects are managed in an Agile environment and made available to the client at every stage to review progress.
We also produce control systems to power up your products and data stream management.
Our experience can help you recover your intellectual property and re-imagine further value -added to your existing or proposed products.

Development Support Solutions

With specialist in-house engineers and systems developers, M4siz has the skills base to develop solutions that align to your business and technology strategies. Each solution we provide will always scale to your business needs. Our bespoke innovative packages combine both business process and software solutions.
Put simply, this means maximum value and return on your investment. We create this value-added to your products through our unique Discovery process. A process designed to ensure we always share a common goal.

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