Inspiring new ways to improve sales conversion

Are you ready for change

Building strong client value and improving sales conversion is core to modern sales strategies. M4siz has built up a client base through licensing its patented search procedures.  With the continued support of our licensing team to push beyond the current 300 or so global players and revenues of over 1Trillion Dollars, M4siz is using this experience to look for new search procedure products.

The Forrester Report on “2023 Planning isn’t business as usual report“, highlights a 66% increase in technology / IT and an 85% increase in marketing budgets.  These figures came from across the range of business and technology businesses. While these investments were across both technology and personnel, the most significant functional area was the digital experience which essentially boosts client value is by improving sales conversions and decision-making based on digital analytics. 

M4siz has a deep and resourceful legacy in innovation and function from the early 2000s.  Our new range of search tools builds on this.  Change is coming to search management and precision using our insights into consumer decision-making.  

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