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Cloud based solutions and VOIP Telephony

At M4siz our lives revolve around technology, inventing and creating stuff. Our Cloud and VOIP systems offer some of the most advanced best of breed solutions to our clients. As a Microsoft Partner we are backed by one of the largest business improvement organisations in thr world and not simply an IT provider. We offer adaptable and scalable IT solutions that is 99.99% reliable and remarkably cost effective plus your IT infrastructure to grow with your business or help push through a business transformation programme.Our VOIP infrastructure services when linked to our Office 365 services offer a competitve and secure company communication systems offering fantastic corporate integration possibilites locally and globally.

Our Open-Play broadband products have been introduced to meet businesses demanding the quickest possible speed with no traffic management or fair usage policies. On many other broadband networks certain types of traffic are deprioritised or even blocked at peak times.

By using our Open-Play products this is no longer the case, use whatever services you like, when you want.

By using our Open-Play products this is no longer the case, use whatever services you like, when you want. 

As you grow our manged service grows with you as any partnership should. Our skill in supporting your underpinning business process to let you get on and grow it. With the Our 99.99% uptime your business information and competitor intelligence will be working in the background to support your decisions and improve your profitiabilty.

Our managed service allows you to focus on your business needs rather than being concerned about keeping your IT systems and IT service team up todate and affordable. Our volume of activities and partnerships allows us to pass on these scale of econonomy savings we make to you and to the benefit of your business.

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