M4siz IT value services and consultancy

Consultancy and Development Services

When it comes to corporate consultancy and development services, M4siz have extensive experience in corporate IT services and business operations. We understand the importance of aligning your business goals to your IT strategy. 

In the early 2000’s we invented a new search procedure that has now been licensed to major search corporations in the world.    This search procedure helps build more effective Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) from advertising spend through it action on corporate websites.   We focus on corporate site intelligence together with our low-code approach to creating the potential for improved user experiences and enhanced conversion rates.

At some stage in the business cycle any business operation may require upgrading or indeed fails. The result is a potential misalignment between a process that has worked successfully for many years.
Our technical support service is based around our discovery process. Two great benefits about our discovery process relate to how updating your current technical and business process IT infrastructure does not need to be challenging or expensive.

Discovery is an M4siz developed consultancy and development framework based on the GOAL evaluation process – Goal orientated Action Listing.  GOAL operates at both the strategic and operational leadership and management levels.     GOAL identifies core business values and goals that will underpin the Discovery process and identify the best technical solution for your business, now and in the future.

Our Azure and cloud development services underpin our ability to provide a stable platform to achieve some great corporate solutions for you.