M4siz Technical Briefing: Anti spam and email forwarding

Anti-spam and email forwarding

Recent Microsoft security updates may have caused you some issues with anti-spam and email forwarding to organisations outside of your M365 environment.

One of the major areas for spamming to target is email forwarding.    A basic win for spammers is being able to automatically forward emails through a hacked email address. However, you may not have realised that a recent major security update from Microsoft defaulted email forwarding to off when you try to forward emails outside your organisation environment.   So, while it is safer not to forward emails and your systems administrator may well have shut off email forwarding, there may be occasions when you may wish to forward emails to a collecting account.

In organisations the M365 environment will be controlled by your systems administrator and before you attempt any changes to email forwarding policies, you should speak to them.   Our Consulting and Development services may help you solve this and other issues you are experiencing. 

If all concerned are happy to change the organisation email forwarding policy then here is a simple video guide to help you.    Please remember that changing your anti-spam policies may increase the risk of a compliance or security failure.

Email forwarding outside your M365 organisational environment

Go to the The Security and compliance centre by clicking the link and then follow the video.  You should sign into the account that you are attempting to forward emails from and then follow the video below.


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