Cyber security update: it starts with common sense

Standing out in the cloud

Liverpool FC 280732 versus Chelsea FC 216677

Cyber security update: what is the the greatest threat to our personal data protection?  It turns our to be the number 123456.

M4siz are naturally interested in the topic of password security.   That is correct the number 123456 is the most popular password from published hacked accounts.  Lack of common sense in selecting your passwords is one of the greatest threat to your personal data protection .   

Sometime we assume that technology alone will protect our data and we forget it also requires application of some common sense.   The one element humans possess over technology is that we all have common sense.  A little thought about passwords will go along way in protecting you and your organisation from security threats.  That is why we offer some straightforward support for our clients on cyber security update .

Despite all the information bombarding us daily about security threats and malware attacks, we still seem to prepared to continue to take risks with our data.      

According to the cyber security update produced by the National Cyber Security Centre’s annual review for 2019 national survey result, it is 123456  followed by 123456789.   Sometimes you wonder about people’s common sense.   When he bright new bit of technology lands on your desk, is it not worth the 10 seconds it takes to change the default email to something more secure.   Think of how you will fees if you end up at the tail end of a malware attack or worse.

For all you football fans out there, again we all appreciate how passionate about your football club just think a little about your choice of password.   To prove the point, data collected from published after data breaches showed that Liverpool as it turns out is the number one password chosen amongst football fans with 280732 users.  If you and your mate down the road, who is also a passionate supporter, both select Liverpool as a password then you have just exponentially boosted your cyber security risk level.  Second in the league was Chelsea with 216677 users.

So, when you next choose a password get a little more creative and less obvious.    Apply some of your common sense and think about the uniqueness of your selection.

M4siz cannot replace your common sense but it can offer you some help in setting up your cyber security and threat reduction planning

So if you need your cyber security update contact us now