Compact X-ray scanners

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Scan it - Screen it - Secure it

M4siz introduce their range of compact X-ray scanners. Threat from suspect devices is not exclusive to any one sector, consequently over many years M4Siz an its partners have built an enviable reputation partnering with organisations as diverse as Government, Embassies, Global Banking, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Legal, Media, Facilities Management, Retail and many more.  Our systems can detect a range of primary threats as well as contaminant threats.  You may well be interested in other forms of security protections and you can see our introduction to our software products to help protect you against cyber threats and access control to your valuable corporate assets.   Security risks and threats are constantly evolving and developing different routes to bypass your processes and procedure.  The NCSC have published their annual review of risk and is available for downloadable.

The very latest generation of our compact X-ray scanners, the M1500 +Smart Scan cabinet scanner provides a new benchmark of threat detection and image management for compact cabinet scanners. At the heart of the M1500 +Smart Scan is a complete new software platform, managing the functionality and an intuitive user interface via a 22 inch touch screen monitor. The smart card login means the M1500 +Smart Scan can be configured to enable data collection of individual user sessions further enhancing the effectiveness of the operators.

With its small footprint low maintenance costs and a host of detection features, the M1500 +Smart Scan is the scanning solution of choice.  


The compact X-ray scanner with big detection capabilities

 With our in-house team of developers, M4siz has developed one of the most intuitive navigation systems to allow operators access to a range of enhanced image analysis tools for precision in threat detection.   All systems conform to British and International standards .

Do you know what to do if you discover a suspect package?   Get the latest guidance and checklist from the UK government by clicking this link.

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