Exciting new call bundle package for new clients

Looking to streamline your phone bill

With our exciting new 2000 minute call bundle package for our VOIP services and new clients, this now possible.  If you have the same call package for all your team but not everyone is using their phones to the same extent.   Then we have a solution for you that bundles your call package together, save money and not lose out on those important sales and business development calls.

With our exciting new Call Bundle package for new clients who take a 24 month broadband and telephony contract with us,  we can offer 2,000 minutes per phone extension you operate.    Every phone on your network has to part of the contract.   However, after that all your call bundle minutes are collected under your company account and so every call made up to the call bundle limit comes in under one monthly company payment.    That means that if your sales team and business development team run over their 2000 minute cap they can keep calling until the whole company call bundle is exhausted before you get charged at the standard rate.

Exciting or what.  Find out more about the type of broadband service your require and the current offers available.  Clearly it is such a great package we have some special terms and condition that apply and these can be found here.

If you are still unclear as to the benefits of VOIP then watch our brief video.


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Our telecommunication terms and conditions can be found here.