Terms and conditions relating to call bundle products

Call Bundle Terms and Conditions


Our tariffs are designed to be suitable for customers with typical usage patterns for UK businesses, and they are priced on this basis.

Accordingly, it is important that you understand what we consider to be “fair usage” in terms of the services that we provide to you. If your usage goes beyond the limits set out in this policy, you will be subject to additional charges and, in some circumstances, we will suspend your use of the services. Please note that it is a requirement of your contract with us that you comply with this Fair

Usage Policy.


Limits and allowances are applied per seat. They are calculated on a seat basis and charged by the total number of Hosted PBX seats within an account.

Minimum Term

The minimum term is 24 months. Cancelling within the term will result in the full term being charged.

Important exclusions

Calls to premium rate and special numbers, other number ranges, and call-forwarding services are not included as standard and will be charged at our prevailing rates for those types of calls. The prevailing rate may not be the same as your standard tariff. Calls lasting over 60 minutes are not included. Minutes cannot be used concurrently on the same seat. Bundles are for normal business use only (i.e., where the making of calls is incidental to the main activity of the business or relevant part of the business). Additionally, they are not permitted to be used in call centres or where there is a dialler installed.

Premium and special numbers

We may from time to time change or update our list of premium rate and special numbers. This includes but is not limited to calls to Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man.

Free to caller numbers

Free to caller numbers are not included in your call bundle minutes. This includes 999, 0800, 0808.

Unused allowances

Unless otherwise stated in your applicable call bundle(s), unused allowances do not rollover from one month to the next, and you are not entitled to any refund in respect of any unused allowances (or part allowances), either at the end of any billing period or where a service ends. Call allowances reset each calendar month and cannot be billed Pro-Rata.


The following sets out details of the relevant allowance specified in a call bundle:


2,000 minutes

UK Mainland calls

Calls made to UK Mainland geographic numbers with the prefix 01, 02 and 03 excluding any form of premium rate or special numbers specified by us from time to time and under the designated charge codes on your tariff: 1289, 1184 Minutes are aggregated over all seats in the account.

Mobile calls

Calls made to the following UK mobile networks only: Vodafone, EE, O2 and Three with the prefix 07 – excluding any form of premium rate or special numbers specified by us from time to time and under the designated charge codes on your tariff: 1193, 1200, 1218, 1240 Minutes are aggregated over all seats in the account.


Using call minutes

Calls made will be deducted from your inclusive minutes allowance in one-minute increments, with any part minutes rounded up to the next whole minute. Call bundle minutes are aggregated over all seats in the account.

Use outside notified limits

Calls outside of your inclusive call allowance will be charged at the rates set out in your then current tariff, based on the duration of each call. We have no obligation to monitor your usage to ensure that you do not exceed the fair usage limits or any applicable bundle limits.