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In this Spring edition of the M4siz Magazine we are having a look at alternative SEO and sales conversion.   M4siz magazine explores the company’s patent history in search precision and asks questions about how we better define our consumers through the “Getting the job done” approach.  Associated with these challenges are how we set up our conversations with audiences and importantly how we convert these engagements into sales. For more help and guidance visit our development and consultancy page 

Patents and searching procedures

M4siz were ahead of the game in terms of developing search precision tools. The M4siz low code technology has now been licensed to over 300 major digital players.   These patents were published in the 2000’s and have established some alternative approaches for SEO success and conversion.

Based on these patents this issue of the M4siz Magazine explores the current SEO market and approaches.    This includes some comments on the classification of consumers and their purchasing and preferences. To see how your business may benefit from our knowledge of search precision tools our development and consultancy services can review your business needs.

Data audiences and sales conversion

The M4siz concept of “getting the job done” proposes an alternative SEO and Sales conversion where consumers can occupy a range of profiles, simultaneously. In consequence, this fits neatly into any discussion about the audiences you are speaking to and hopefully converting to your product.

In a recent Gartner survey of CIO’s (2019) suggested that there is a real awakening in the need for IT and thus data to be used more creatively and intelligently.  This report shows a huge surge in the use of artificial intelligence and Business Intelligence approaches to gathering and analysing data.  Indeed this has moved even further with the 2020 publication of the Garter Magic Quadrant report on BI and AI providers of metadata analytics.

Searching procedures have a real impact on how people find you on the internet and become engaged with your company.   The precision of your search as a consumer may solely result from the quality of your search skills or the company that spend the most on SEO.   From a business prospective this posses huge challenges, especially how to dilute out the impact of your competitors on your search engine listings. Using alternative approaches to SEO, data management and sales conversion is the way forward.

M4siz development and consultancy experience in patenting sound low-code approaches may help your business better understand how to bring precision to the search for new audiences and customers.     

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