Cloud based telephony has come of age so get some great deals

The growing demand for Cloud based telephony is hardly surprising. Traditional telephony has been around since the 1800s in almost the same form as most of us experience today. At last a new generation of virtual telephony has arrived thanks to the advances of internet integrated telephony.  Cloud and Internet telephony (VOIP) systems offer the most advanced solutions to businesses today. Using Softphone applications on your Smartphone allows you complete freedom to answer your desktop extension at any time and from anywhere. Combining this technology with the power of Microsoft business process solutions gives you one of the best business improvement tools available today. For more information CLICK HERE

As a business you need an adaptable, scalable IT solution that is reliable. This allows your IT infrastructure to grow with your business or help push through a business transformation programme. VOIP infrastructure services linked to Microsoft 365 then become the perfect platform. Our VOIP services offer a competitive and secure company communication systems offering fantastic corporate integration possibilities locally and globally.

Our cloud based telephony broadband products offer the quickest possible speed with no traffic management or fair usage policies to hold you up. On many other broadband networks, certain types of traffic are deprioritised or even blocked at peak times. With our our Open-Play products you can feel free to use whatever services you like, whenever you want.

You want reliability from your telecoms provider. You want a solution that grows with you. Our monthly managed services promote a strong partnership. We align our solution to your business process. Letting you focus on your business not the technology.

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