Ride the tide

Ride your tide and bounce back in 2021

Riding the tide during Covid-19 was the ability to take stock of your business and prepare for an uncertain future where the risks high.     Now is the time to take those opportunities to diversify and  rationalise your business to move forward into a fully digital era.  Whether the economic prospects are good or bad, all business can benefit from the adoption of a digital technolgy approach.   If anything has been proven by the pandemic it is that businesses need to adapt in an uncertain world and be prepared to ride the tide.   Our consultancy and development support can help prepare you to Ride the Tide and transform your business.

However, to ride the tide effectively, you need to retain your corporate memory and promote the value of your band.    M4siz can support you through this change and help you take a look at your business and technical processes and review how process automation can help streamline your business.   Modern App development is more and more tending towards Low Code platforms and a recent Forrester report, places Microsoft at the top of the pile: “Forrester Wave: Low code development platforms“.   Whether it is a new reporting tool for monitoring business performance, business applications to help in customer and user experiences of your product or services or helping your clients find what they need on your corporate website through our search precision tools – we know we can help.

The development of low-code platforms such as Microsoft Power Apps are ideal tool to help you streamline application development and unleash innovation in your organisation for the creating of new processes and customer interfaces. Low code platforms have changed the paradigm and costs of app development by introducing model- based and visual  that replace user coding with pre-packaged code blocks to tailor and assemble your application.   A recent report by Gartner, “Magic Quadrant Enterprise Low Code Platforms”  Over 50% of medium to large enterprise will adopt low code application platforms.   There are a growing number of platform vendors in this area alongside Microsoft.   


Let us help you ride the tide 

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