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Re-imagining Software Strategies

Bytes and pieces

Starting a new project for your latest product can be daunting experience at the best of times, especially if this is your first opportunity to re-imagining your software strategies.    Fortunately, we have the capacity to help you design and rapid prototype your software and electronic component systems using agile systems. We can help you coordinate the various steps in the process and build great solutions to make your first and every experience thereafter, as pain-free as we can make it.   All this is accomplished from a UK base within an Agile development environment.    Our process is available to the client at every stage to confirm and improve the product development cycle and the potential improvement on the user experience.

So whether you seek to re-imagine your software, firmware or embedded solutions we have access to developers and engineers along with some of the smallest chip components and the latest surface mount technology that is available today.  Our image team has built up significant expertise in software driven automation and scanning.  This means that your design will be sleek and functional to fit the needs of your product design.

New to embarking on a software or firmware project then have a look at the 2023 trends in software development in this recent blog.   In their rent Four Key Trends that will impact Tech strategy in EMEA, Forrester fond that over 48% of B2B technology buyers state that digital engagement channels will increase to a point where they overtake the personal/analogue forms of engagement.   This has pushed the use of AI and Chat Bots in the Top-10 to technology tools to drive engagement.    However, only 20% of companies use AI to develop conversations with their visitors.  However, how can it help small businesses, have a look at our blog to gain an insight into potential affordable applications.   

At M4siz we believe that using personalising search and onsite conversation tools will drive a new wave of personalisation to augment AI tools.  We are ready to help you enhance the performance of your client engagement channels and website effectiveness.

This offer includes:

  1. Discovery process and Project Management systems
  2. Integrated hardware architecture consultancy
  3. Sprint-based design and development
  4. Bespoke development of software solutions
  5. micro-component hardware solutions to complement elegant design solutions
  6. full range of software language coverage 
  7. fast, efficient and cost effective

Bespoke integrated circuits free your products to make the most of the technology you have access to. Our Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design and manufacturing services can help improve product performance or dramatically reduce manufacturing costs. 

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